Lotus’s unveils "Lotus’s Privé" brand for newly developed hypermarket under "Premium Inclusive"

Lotus’s unveils “Lotus’s Privé” brand for newly developed hypermarket under “Premium Inclusive” concept; opens first store at ICS

January 11, 2023 -- Lotus’s introduces a new brand “Lotus’s Privé” for its newly developed premium hypermarket under the concept of “Premium Inclusive”, offering an even wider range of premium products sourced from the world’s most renowned origins, while still boasting accessible, everyday prices, making “premium” accessible and inclusive for all. The first store opens its doors on January 11, 2023 at ICS, the mixed-use lifestyle town opposite ICONSIAM.

Mr. Sompong Rungnirattisai, Chief Executive Officer, Lotus’s Thailand, said: “Our commitment is to give our customers ‘a little delight every day’ by offering great quality products at affordable prices, whether they shop in our stores or online. We design shopping experiences and product offerings to suit the needs of each customer segment in each locale to bring as much delight as possible. We identified an opportunity in which we can better cater to customers looking for premium quality products and shopping experiences, and have thus created the Lotus’s Privé brand specifically for our newly developed premium hypermarket. The new brand reflects the distinct elements of the premium hypermarket, from the look and feel, the design, the product assortments, through to extra services provided, so as to differentiate Lotus’s Privé from other Lotus’s hypermarkets. However, what both brands have in common is the commitment to personalized value that goes beyond affordable prices. The first Lotus’s Privé premium hypermarket is located at ICS, the mixed-use lifestyle town connected to ICONSIAM through the Charoen Nakorn BTS station.”

“The reason we chose ICS for the first Lotus’s Privé premium hypermarket is due to the unique potential that ICS offers, being surrounded by riverside condominium projects, four and five-star hotels including the Hilton Garden Inn located in the ICS building itself, residents in nearby communities, as well as Bangkok’s main business districts. Additionally, ICONSIAM, which is linked to ICS via the Charoen Nakorn BTS station, is a world-class destination for Thais and foreign tourists. Lotus’s Privé premium hypermarket takes up the entire B1 floor of ICS, covering nearly 2,900 square meters of space. The premium hypermarket boasts around 27,000 items of fresh food, snacks and confectionery, cooking essentials, dry groceries, household foods, health and beauty products, and electrical appliances. We also offer free deliveries within the 10-kilometer radius of the store for those who shop via the Lotus’s SMART app.”

“Lotus’s Privé is an important milestone in our continued growth story and efforts to create the most delightful shopping experiences possible for our customers. Our commitment to offering great quality products at affordable prices, and SMART shopping experiences anywhere, anytime, remains at the heart of what we do. Lotus’s Privé premium hypermarket at ICS is a prototype for future stores that will make premium inclusive for other communities in Thailand,” said Sompong.

Why Lotus’s Privé?
The French word “privé” means “private” in English. Lotus’s Privé, therefore, signifies personalized premium experiences and privileges created to serve individual needs of customers.

How is Lotus’s Privé different from Lotus’s?
Lotus’s Privé is a brand specifically created for premium hypermarkets to differentiate them from regular Lotus’s hypermarkets. Lotus’s Privé premium hypermarkets are distinct in their designs, product offerings, and services, with a particular focus on sourcing the best most premium quality products from around the world.

However, what both Lotus’s Privé and Lotus’s brands share is the commitment to great quality at affordable prices, and being the SMART Community Center for all.

What kinds of products does Lotus’s Privé offer?
Lotus’s Privé offers an extensive range of nearly 27,000 products, covering all essential categories such as fresh food, snacks and confectionery, cooking essentials, packaged food, dry groceries, household items, health and beauty products, electronics, as well as pet supplies. Highlights include:

  • Imported fresh food such as premium beef, lobster, salmon, scallops, crabs, cheeses, vegetables and fruits.
  • Premium quality fresh food sourced from the best origins in Thailand such as saltwater fish from Ranong province shipped in daily, oysters from Surat Thani, organic vegetables, and out-of-season tropical fruits such as durian from Chantaburi province.
  • Freshly caught seafood is also available for pre-ordering.
  • Snacks, confectionery, tea, coffee, seasonings for a wide variety of cuisines.
  • Health and beauty products such as leading brands of cosmetics, vitamins and supplements.
  • Household goods including extensive ranges of cooking utensils and equipment.
  • Home appliances and electronics. In addition to what’s available at the store, customers are also able to pre-order products off a catalogue and enjoy free home delivery and installation (terms & conditions apply)
  • Pet supplies from leading global brands to bespoke local brands.

In addition to a wider range of premium products, Lotus’s Privé premium hypermarket also offers premium services such as cutting, scaling, slicing and trimming of meat and seafood upon request. Staff are knowledgeable and ready to provide advice and tips to customers on cooking ingredients and other products.

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