Lotus's Own Brand Products

Lotus’s Own Brand products are detail-orientated to ensure a good quality of life for all.

Lotus’s Own Brand offers a comprehensive range of conscientiously chosen products with attention to details across all categories to enhance the customers’ quality of life.
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Well-chosen, Nutritious and Healthy Alternatives:

Designed for health-conscious customers, Lotus’s Own Brand features a range of delicious and nutritious types of bread and assorted flavours of ice cream.

Convenience Choices, Simpler Life for New Generations:

Urbanites and the new generation young people are looking for convenient, fast, and easy to use options. A variety of Lotus’s Own Brand products provide effortless cooking with less consumption time, from instant sauces and condiments to 3-step cooking meals.

Food Selection with Ethics and Good Sense:

Wholesome eggs begin with a healthy flock. At Lotus, we select top grade eggs from the cage-free happy hens. This commitment not only supports the animal welfare but also provides our customers with fresh, high quality and nutritious eggs.

Continuous Support for Thai Farmers and Local SME Entrepreneurs:

The ongoing collaboration with local communities nationwide not only fosters sustainable growth for all, but also enables the mutual development to produce high-quality products for Lotus’s Own Brand.

Safety, Hygiene, and Customer’s Wellbeing Matter Most:

Lotus’s carries a line of hygienic alcohol products to protect, clean and disinfect germs for the sanitary and wellbeing of our customers.

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