Lotus’s Reveals Its Strategic Roadmap to Expand and Transform stores into ‘SMART Community Centers’ to Cater to Fast Evolving Customer Needs

Lotus’s Reveals Its Strategic Roadmap to Expand and Transform stores into
‘SMART Community Centers’ to Cater to Fast Evolving Customer Needs

Lotus’s reveals its strategic expansion roadmap to launch new stores and transform several stores across Thailand. The company will drive ‘Transformational Growth’ by accelerating its expansion roadmap - launching new branches and renovating 31 existing stores nationwide. This plan aims to transform Lotus’s into ‘SMART Community Center’, serving as vibrant gathering spot for community residents with unique designs, as well as a range of products and services that cater to different lifestyles in specific locations to offer customers ‘a little delight every day’.

Ms. Benchawan Ongsri, Senior Director – Malls, Lotus’s Thailand said, “Lotus’s moves forward with continuous development to bring about transformational growth and build on its success to become ‘SMART Community Centers’, a vibrant gathering spot for community members of all ages. Following this strategic plan, Lotus’s aims to open new stores and transform existing stores to boast new and exciting designs, as well as offer products and services that meet specific community needs. Last year, we launched Lotus’s North Ratchapruek, the flagship store that was the prototype for the ‘SMART Community Center’ concept. In addition to physical change of the store’s design, we also tailor our product and service offerings to meet multigenerational needs. To build on the success of Lotus’s North Ratchapruek, we will use our best practices and lessons learned to further elevate customer’s experiences at existing and new Lotus’s stores in the future to become a ‘SMART Community Center’ that meet different generational needs and match with the surrounding community. Though this expansion roadmap, we aim to launch new stores as well as renovate 31 existing stores over the next two years to make Lotus’s a shopping and lifestyle destination for SMART living. This investment will also help increase the capacity of the leasable retail area with a wider array of tenants – renowned brands, local brands, and Thai SMEs – to provide comprehensive retail choices to better meet the needs of customers than ever before. Additionally, this strategy will unlock business opportunities for Lotus’s partners resulting in job creation and income stimulation in the community, empowering them to grow together with Lotus’s. In addition to retail capacity enhancement nationwide, we also build comprehensive marketing strategy that supports ‘SMART Community Center’ concept. We offer a wide range of promotional campaigns and exclusive deals to attract customers and boost in-store traffic along with co-marketing campaigns with strategic retail partners. We also uplift online shopping experience on Lotus’s SMART App that combines ‘My Lotus’s’ rewards program to offer customers with special privileges and use Lotus’s social media marketing to effectively promote products and services.”

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