Lotus's Member FAQ

Lotus's Member

Lotus's Member is a membership card of Lotus's that helps you save when you shop at Lotus's Lotus's Member allows you to earn Lotus's Member points for every purchase at any branch of Lotus's (Every 2 Baht = 1 Lotus's Member point) to enhance privileges for the members and show our appreciation for shopping with us.

Lotus's Member points from every purchase at any Lotus's branch will be converted into cash vouchers automatically (minimum 1,000 Lotus's Member points = cash voucher 10 baht) and sent to your door by mail every 3 months or use via Lotus's Member app. Lotus's Member points that are not turned into cash vouchers will remain in the system and never expire. You can enjoy further various exclusive privileges that fits your lifestyle such as redeeming points for special rewards and to win luxurious rewards via Lotus's Member mobile app, transferring points to AirAsia BIG Points for redeeming free domestic and international flights or transferring to Esso Smiles points for instant fuel redemption at Esso service stations nationwide, purchasing member price products, booking performance tickets for special price, getting a chance to win a prize, joining our most exclusive activities and receiving free product simples or new products.


Simply present your Clubcard or inform your mobile phone number to the cashier before making a purchase, points will be earned automatically! Spending through Tesco Lotus Visa credit card can also earn points as well.


Registration for a Lotus's Member is free of charge.

Lotus's Member and Credit Cards

Yes, both a Lotus's Member and a credit card can be used together when making a payment. Lotus's Member is a membership card of Lotus's that is used to earn points, while the credit card is used for making a payment. So don’t forget to use Lotus's Member every time you make a payment by either cash or the credit card at any branch of Lotus's.

For more convenience, we offer a new 2-in-1 integrated Lotus's Visa credit card that combines its credit card with  Lotus's Member, allowing you to make a payment and earn points faster and easier. If you apply for Lotus's Visa credit card, Lotus's Member application is unnecessary. On the other hand, if you already have a Lotus's Member and apply for Lotus's Visa credit card, you will have one newer Lotus's Member number that can be also used to collect points. However, both Lotus's Member numbers can be linked together, just contact Lotus's Member call center at 1712 press 2 press 3.


Cash vouchers can be used when making a payment at any branch of Tesco Lotus. However, cash vouchers can only be used in conjunction with Clubcard (in case of forgetting Clubcard, ID card or a driving license with the same name as registered on cash vouchers is acceptable).

You can also use cash vouchers via Clubcard mobile app. Simply download cash vouchers via the mobile app and present their barcode with Clubcard to the cashier when making a payment.

Mobile Application

Lotus's mobile app can help you manage your Lotus's Member account comprehensively such as checking, redeeming and transferring points. With the mobile app, whether using cash vouchers and discount coupons or updating your personal data will be easier and faster at your fingertips.