Terms and Conditions

Ek-chai Distribution System Co., Ltd. (the "Company", "we" or "us") reserves the rights to amend the details and conditions of these terms and conditions for joining Lotus's Member scheme and using personal data (the "Terms and Conditions") without prior notice.

1. General Terms and Conditions

The Lotus's Member scheme

  • Lotus's Member is issued by and remains the property of the Company ("Lotus's Member"). The Company reserves the right to decline any issue of, to revoke or to confiscate Lotus's Member or the points collected by Lotus's Member ("Lotus's Member" or "you") thereunder, to alter the operation of Lotus's Member scheme including the terms of Lotus's Member services, or to terminate the Lotus's Member scheme, at any time without prior notice.
  • The Company reserves the right to grant membership benefits only for personal and consumer use as determined by us.
  • All Lotus's Members must be resident of Thailand and aged 15 years or over.
  • Lotus's Member is not transferable and only the person whose name matches with that recorded in the Lotus's Member database shall be entitled to use and received Lotus's Member benefits.
  • The Company reserve the right to Lotus's Member registration in that each customer is only entitled to one Lotus's Member account. If we find that you have applied for more than 1 Lotus's Member accounts, we reserve our rights to combine those of your accounts to reflect your latest account.
  • Lotus's Member can only be used with the Company and with promotional partners who from time to time agree to be part of Lotus's Member scheme.
  • Lotus's Member which is applied in Thailand can be used only in Thailand.


  • Lotus's Members must present their Lotus's Member at the cashier in order to collect points for your purchase of goods or services offered by the Company.
  • The Company reserve the right not to award points for a purchase of certain products or services (the "non-qualifying products"). The non-qualifying products include liquor, tobacco, bill payment, prepaid top-up card, gift voucher, postal service, pharmaceuticals items, formula milk for baby and infant (formula 1and 2) and all products in consignment areas. The Company may add or exclude non-qualifying products at its sole discretion.
  • Lotus's Member points will be calculated from the net purchase price after any and all discounts have been deducted.
  • 1 Lotus's Member point will be awarded for every Baht 2 spend and each 1 Lotus's Member point is convertible into Baht 0.01 worth voucher. The conversion rate can be altered at the discretion of the Company.
  • Where point can be collected with our promotional partners, other terms and conditions may apply. Please check with our promotional partners for further details.
  • The Company is entitled to cancel the points and/or voucher you have collected or to get a refund in cash equivalent to the value of Lotus's Member points you earned from the purchased items when such items are returned and has been refunded.


  • Rewards, in the form of Lotus's Members, will be mailed with a statement to the Lotus's Members who have accumulated a combined total of at least 1,000 points (or spend at least Baht 2,000) by the end of each collecting period. Collecting periods may vary.
  • The value of Lotus's Member voucher you receive will be based on the accumulated number of points you have earned on the last day of each collecting period.
  • Your points which have been converted into Lotus's Member vouchers will be deducted whilst the remaining points following conversion will be ‘carried forward’ as the starting balance(s) for the next collecting period.
  • Lotus's Members whose points are below the qualifying threshold by the end of a collecting period will have such total points carried forward to the next collecting period.
  • Terms and conditions of Lotus's Member vouchers may be found on the back of the vouchers.

2. Terms and Conditions relating to Data Privacy

  • The Company would like to collect, use and disclose your personal data which you have provided in Lotus's Member Application and Personal Data Consent Form ("Lotus's Member Application"), supporting documents for Lotus's Member registration and any other information you may provide to the Company upon becoming Lotus's Member in accordance with the purpose(s) to which you have given consent under the Personal Data Consent Form as specified in Part 2 of the Lotus's Member Application and to the extent permissible by law. In the event you give consent for the Company to carry out any activities involving your personal data, you are deemed to have acknowledged our data protection policies (Privacy and Cookies Policy) and accept to be bound by this Clause 2 (Terms and Conditions relating to Data Privacy) of the Terms and Conditions.
  • You are not bound to give consent for any of the purposes mentioned in the Lotus's Member Application. However, if you refuse to give consent for the Company to collect and use your personal data for Purpose 1 referred to in the Lotus's Member Application, we reserve our right not to issue a Lotus's Member to you.
  • To the extent you have provided consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time, however, if you withdraw your consent given for Purpose 1 referred to in the Lotus's Member Application, your Lotus's Member will be terminated and so you will no longer be able to enjoy any and all benefits to which the Lotus's Member is entitled (such as receiving information about marketing campaign, exclusive offers for Lotus's Member and etc).
  • If you withdraw your consent given for Purpose 2 referred to in the Lotus's Member Application, you, as the Lotus's Member, may not be able to get updated on promotional activities that other members of the Group may hold jointly with the Company, for instance, news about special bonus Lotus's Member points, Lotus's Member promotions including any offers that Lotus's Members are entitled to when purchase products or services from such member of the Group.
  • In the event that you decide to withdraw your consent, you may do so by contacting "Lotus's Member Service Centre" Tel. 1712 press 3. Despite the withdrawal of your consent, the Company may be permitted to continue retaining, using and/or disclosing your personal data in accordance with each and any of the below reasons:
  • your personal data is necessary for initiating, complying with or exercising legal claims or raising defence;
  • your personal data is necessary for the performance of any contractual obligations to which you are a party with the Company;
  • your personal data is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests of the Company;
  • your personal data is necessary for the Company’s compliance with law; and
  • there is any other ground under personal data protection law or any other law which allows the Company to collect, use and/or disclose your personal data without your consent.
  • You are entitled to request the Company to erase, destroy or anonymise your personal data, except in the case where the Company is permitted to retain, use and/or disclose your personal data in accordance with the grounds mentioned above.
  • The Company will keep your personal data throughout the term of your Lotus's Members and may continue to retain your personal data as long as necessary in order to comply with applicable law or for the benefit of excising our legal rights (unless we are required to erase or destroy your personal data and we do not have legitimate ground to refuse such request).